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Todd's New Single

"These Old Pans"!

A song about Todd's steel pans and the people and places they have played over the years!

Todd also released 4 new singles in the last year..."NAVIGATE MY HEART", a reggae love song, "Relaxing Song", an instrumental Reggae tune featuring his son Dylan on pans, "Modern Day Pirates", which is a tribute to all the daring souls in this world and "Goin' To Paradise", in which the name says it all! 


Also be sure to check out Todd's solo album "Warm Weather Music" and his revolutionary recording "Healing Steel drums Vol. 1".  

Upcoming Dates

  • Aug 25
    Island Party Hut,  Chicago
  • Aug 27
    Pier 290,  Williams Bay
  • Aug 31
    Moretti's Edison Park,  Chicago
  • Sep 1
    Duo at Sideouts Bar,  Island Lake
  • Sep 4
    Bandito Barney's with Mr. Myers Band,  East Dundee

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Welcome to Todd Donnelly!

Todd Donnelly is a singer/songwiter that plays steel pans and percussion.  He is also the leader and founder of the band Mr. Myers, which has been playing for over 30 years. He performs  as a solo artist and with Mr. Myers throughout the Midwest, with occasional adventures in other exotic locales such as Las Vegas and the Caribbean.

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                                        Listen to Todd's Newest Single "These Old Pans" - Click HERE!